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So here I sit eating a YUMMY salad that I had made for a snack.
Nothing out of the ordinary about that right?
I didn't think so either until I put the fork to my mouth...opened wide
and caught a glimpse of a dead lady bug squished in the lettuce.

It was too late
My reflexes weren't fast enough.
I swallowed.
He is now having an acid bath in my stomach.

Yes I cleaned the lettuce before I cut it up.
Yes I cleaned all the vegetables too.

I want to cut open my stomach and see what other little critters are taking a bath in there.

I feel so violated! ;P

*rubs belly*


2005 is bringing me a new livejournal.
I have been in such a funk over the past 6 months and a lot of that has to do with this place.
So I am starting fresh.

I will have a longer post later but I want to thank you now for adding the new journal.

Happy New Year!